Saturday, March 19, 2011

Horror Films

I have always been a fan of horror films. When I was younger I would secretly sit in the hallway at night to watch the scary movies my family was watching. I was the youngest so I was the last one who could not watch certain things. Even though I would be terrified at night after watching some of the movies, I would always go back for more. I enjoyed the false sense of terror that the movies evoked. I liked the unsettling feeling in my stomach, or when my stomach would flip during especially shocking scenes. My mother and I both had a passion for horror films. We would always be on the lookout for a new thriller or suspense to rent on the weekends. That is why horror films do so well, because people go for the adrenaline rush, the sense of fear and uncertainty. But I also think that people love horror movies because they can feel those emotions in a controlled setting, such as their living room. I don't think anyone would want to feel those emotions in a real life situation. This point was made in class with the metaphor of the roller coaster.

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