Friday, March 18, 2011

La Jetee time loops

La Jetee is one of the most bizarre movies I have ever watched. The still photos instead of movement and broken narration make it somewhat difficult to follow. This manner of storytelling made it seem more like a documentary or scientific report, which fit well with the plotline. The main character is tested to see his resilience to time travel. When he proves capable, he travels to the past and future to attempt to find help for his post nuclear war society. In the past he is able to live out a romance with a woman he has always dreamed of. In the future he finds the help he is searching for. Once he has completed his mission, he becomes useless to his captors. They plan to kill him, but the future people help him return to the past to be with his love. An agent follows and kills him, which turns out to be the dream he has been having his whole life. The movie works in strange time loops that all become connected with the use of time travel.

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