Saturday, March 19, 2011


After thinking back on Thursday’s class discussion I started to think that I actually felt negatively towards the ghosts. The ghosts seemed to be toying with the people and almost taking advantage of the men in the stories by placing the men in compromising situations (where you would expect someone to do the wrong thing). I was confused by the second story where it seemed like the ghost tricked the man into telling the story about the encounter in the snow storm. I could not seem to get over the fact that the ghosts came back and married the man looking basically identical to the woman the man had met in the woods. The ghost had to think that he would eventually mention the story. Then in the third story are shown a blind man who is lead away by the ghosts to tell stories and then had his ears ripped off his head. I found myself felling sorry for the blind man instead of focusing on the fact that maybe he should not have been telling stories of the past. These are very different from the first story where the man seemed to bring the haunting upon himself by leaving his wife because of money. I have to say that the way these stories are created confuses me and may just be the style of storytelling.

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