Saturday, February 19, 2011


The movie Alien to me seems a knock off of Star Wars. Star Wars came out just two years earlier and was a huge blockbuster. The long opening of the movie of a ship somewhat lost in space made me wonder if they had actually borrowed some of the set from Star Wars. Futhermore, Sigourney Weaver’s character seems like a glorified Princess Leia to me. The Director Ridley Scott, in only his second movie, seems to be trying to jump on George Lucas’s bandwagon. It does take its own horror spin though. It feels like the ship they are on becomes a haunted house, space edition. The generation of the aliens in eggs and then later within the human body was very involved. Towards the end of the movie it seemed more like a jump out at you thriller like jaws or Halloween, just waiting for the alien to jump out and kill Sigourney Weaver at any moment. With the special effects that we have in movies today, I wasn’t as afraid of the movie as I would have been seeing it in theaters in 1979.

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  1. I completely disagree with this. The movie is totally different from Star Wars. As a big fan of Star Wars I can say that Alien is a completely different movie. They are both sci-fi thriller, yet Star Wars is more of an adventure-thrilling movie while Alien is more of a action thriller full of suspense and fear of the unknown. At the time of this release, I can see why this movie was so popular as it introduced a unique concept and trendy plot. I liked how this movie incorporated all the weird features that the aliens had that gave them their "powers" or strength to resist dying. It is just like how we talked about different aliens in class because we said that movies could depict aliens any way they wanted. Due to all the special effects, unique plot line, and popularity, it is not surprising that there were many sequels to this movie, just as there were sequels made of Star Wars. However, this has no comparable facts to Star Wars other than it being set out in space. I feel like this movie could be scarier than either Jaws or Halloween because of the fear of the unknown and how the idea could be planted in peoples' minds that these aliens could exist out in space, while it is kind of unrealistic to believe in a giant shark that haunts people or a creepy psycho killer that is human and doesn't ever die.