Saturday, February 26, 2011

Roy's Last Speech- Original Cut, poor quality video

Call me crazy, but while I have enjoyed all versions of Blade Runner, this voiceover explaining Roy's death was always very touching. So I won't keep beating a dead horse, and while I do agree that in parts the voiceover seems to explain things to a dumb, or very unperceptive audience- I do believe that in parts the voiceover also elucidates the sympathy Deckard feels for the replicants, not just Rachel- something which his character cannot fully convey in the other version. It makes the strong comparison between humanity and replicants facing the same unknowns, getting closer to death with each moment (this is something we touched upon in class- the commonalities between humans and replicants).

As a side note, where would we be without Youtube? ;) And p.s. the original cut is available on Netflix Instant for anyone interested!

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