Saturday, February 12, 2011

District 9 Alien behavior

I find it interesting to see that even though the aliens had plenty means of technology and advanced weaponry, they somehow wanted to submit themselves to the MNU and to the human race. Clearly they show malnourished prawns at the beginning of the movie that were weak and helpless, but I think that even in that state they could have taken over the human race. However, even though the prawns had such advanced technology, they lived like savages in the wild and I can not help but think what their home planet was like. I question how such an advanced civilization can be built when these prawns act like this. Some prawns such as Christopher clearly show indication of intelligence, yet there isn't much stipulation as to other genius scientists/prawns that did anything. In addition, it seemed like the prawns growing up in the human society actually assimilated into the actions and beliefs of the black gangs that lived beside them, losing all cultural identity except for their language and phenotype. The prawn looks like a bug to me, yet it eats the same things as animals eat so this can be an indication of how the humans are a superior race. I was very surprised to see how the aliens could be so submissive to the humans and how the aliens actually lived like they were in a refugee camp. It is confusing to even think why the prawns actually landed on planet Earth, as it was never referenced at the end of the movie


  1. I have only seen a few alien invasion films. But with that said, District 9 is not like anything I’ve ever seen. Its combination of a documentary style and comedy aspects are definitely different from other sci-fi thrillers. I thought it was interesting that when the aliens invaded, they were not seen as mysterious, novel creatures. Instead they were seen as alien beings, or prawns, by the humans. They were placed in a ghetto almost like a containment camp called “District 9.” The humans made them sign all sorts of documents, just as if they were humans. I thought this was definitely a different change of pace and a new take on the genre. Also, most aliens in sci-fi thrillers are much more advanced and want to take over the humans or the world. However in District 9, the aliens are more controlled by humans, living like camp prisoners. This leaves the aliens to be the dominated species, while the humans try to control them. This is very different plot from other sci-fi thrillers I have seen in the past.

  2. I thought one of the most interesting parts of the aliens was despite the obvious technological superiority over the human race, that they were so complacent and satisfied to be treated the way they were. It is not as if it was an entire species of dimwitted aliens, as Christopher and his son proved. It was never clear to me why they did not have some form representation to deal with humans. There was definitely some ability to communicate with each other. Considering the decade spent on earth, the massive population of aliens, their technology and their potential intelligence, it seemed weird to me that they had be so dominated by humans.