Sunday, February 20, 2011


I was throughly impressed with Alien. I had always though of it has a horror film, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it more of a sci-fi action with a bit of body horror. I did find the body horror to be hard to watch purely because it truly looks like something I would obviously never want to experience. I think the story is interesting, especially given that they go find these things in the 2nd one. I think that while it is a cool story and a great movie, I find it comical how futile the aliens end up being. Stephen Hawking claims that we need to stop searching for alien life forms and need to be far more afraid of them then we are. He claims that if we were to run into another life-form it would probably be so technologically advanced it would either destroy us or enslave us similarly to the way the aliens do the towns people. I find it interesting how parts of the film leave me feeling like I would never stand a chance against the alien, but then there are times where you are left feeling like the humans somehow have the advantage. Sci-fi films are still bound to human rationality in order to please the audience; thus leaving us as the eventual victors. I wonder how people would like an alien movie that is slightly more realistic and doesn't have a happy ending for the humans.

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