Friday, February 25, 2011

Blade Runner/ Ghost in the Shell

I mentioned in class that “Blade Runner” reminds me of the newer version of “Repo-man” I watched a few months ago. “Repo-man” is about a guy that goes around and retaining organs that people are loaned and have not paid for on time. He doesn’t really have much remorse for killing all the people because he has a quota to fill and debt to be paid. I feel like the movie plays on the discussion we had in class about how corporations don’t really see us as individual people, but more or less as numbers- or a statistic. This also reminds me of our PID numbers and how UNC would send out emails right after I got accepted in high school with slogans saying things like, “I AM MORE THAN JUST A NUMBER.” But it’s true. I also feel that there are at least some comparisons between “Blade Runner” and “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers” in terms of emotions. They aliens/changed people in “Body Snatchers” lacked emotion when they were transformed, while in “Blade Runner”, the replicants were able to develop their own emotions over the 4 years of their existence. I think this shows how important emotions, memories, and empathy are to human personality, and without it- we would not exhibit any individualism (duh). But it was almost cruel to instill the replicants with false memories and such, which brings me to our current film “Ghost in the Shell.” We’ve already seen in the first 45 minutes that the garbage collector man had false memories implanted into his brain.

I’m really excited to watch the rest of this movie though and see where it goes. It looks pretty interesting thus far.

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