Sunday, April 17, 2011

1, 2 Freddy's Coming for You

Freedy Kreuger is possibly my favorite slasher. He is truly evil. Unlike Jason or Michael Meyers who experienced some sort of traumatic childhood incident that led them to become soulless killers, Freddy was always evil. In life he was a child killer. Wes Craven originally wrote him as a child molester because he believed that is the worst thing one could do, but he changed it due to the sensitivity of the topic. From his inception Freddy was never meant to do anything but evil. After the parents of Elm Street killed him in a fire he was transformed into a dream demon, hence his powers.

Ironically, what I find most evil about Freddy is his sense of humor. He is truly sadistic and not a homicidal child trapped in a man's body or a gender confused Oedipal character. His humor shows his true joy in killing and torturing his victims. We've already seen him take one victims life, but this is yet the first to come. In that first killing sequence we saw both his sheer viciousness and his comedic taunting of his victim just for the sake of seeing him or her in fear. Freddy is evil. Freddy is the boogeyman.

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