Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nightmare on Elm Street. - Freddy likes girls more than boys

I might be looking too deep into the sexuality of Nightmare on Elm st. but I felt as though there was a distinct difference between Freddy's killing of the boys vs. the girls in the film. The boy's deaths were pretty simple, hanging and being sucked into the bed. Neither saw much of a struggle and they weren't very scary to watch at all. The girls on the other hand seem to struggle way more with Freddy. He almost plays with them suggesting his more child molester side. When he kills Tina, it seems quite a bit like rape when he is attacking her on the bed. Freddy seems to go a bit crazier with the girls. Tina's death is absolutely horrifying because of how much she is getting tossed around. She has no ability to fight him off and is completely helpless to the stronger Freddy. We see a less aggressive scene latter in the bathtub but just as sexual. Freddy lifts his arm through he legs to grab her. Nancy is then dragged down naked into the water. The clear sexuality in the placement of his hand and the fact that she is naked makes this a far more sexual attack than you anticipated and one begins to wonder if Freddy is supposed to have these subtle sexual assaults on the girls in the film. He also decided to lick her through the phone after killing her boyfriend. An extremely gross scene that evokes the repulsiveness inherent in horror. After all, Craven did originally have Freddy as both a child murder and molester. Perhaps he only likes to grope the women he attacks.

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