Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Other Type of Montage...

Picking up where Kaitlin left off...

Al had a fancier name for this that I'm too lazy to look up, but here's the other type of montage he was talking about, which I have also heard called a "montage of attractions." In this type of montage, two seemingly unrelated images are edited together to create a specific commentary on the action happening in the film. This is from Sergei Eisenstein's film Strike. Basically what has happened to this point is that workers have been mistreated, one of them has died, the workers go on strike, and armed forces are called in to crush the workers. It's essentially the same plot structure as Battleship Potemkin, but that one's on a boat full of ticked-off sailors and a baby carriage bounces down a big flight of stairs at Odessa (a scene that you've basically seen if you've ever watched the movie The Untouchables), and a bunch of innocent bystanders get killed. Anyway, here's the montage-of-attractions clip from Strike:

And here's the time-warping montage scene from Battleship Potemkin. Interesting thing about this montage is that instead of compressing time like montages often do, this one stretches time out so that actions of the fleeing crowd, individual victims, and the aggressors can all be seen:

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