Saturday, April 2, 2011


One aspect of the film Suspiria that struck me was the elaborate decoration that was present in the ballet school. The eccentricity of the place had two different effects on me. The first feeling that I had upon seeing some of the crazy decoration was that I found the film to be less real because of it. I believe that if the film had scenery that was less odd I would have found myself buying into the film a bit more than I had. This is not to say that I would have left the film worrying about witches and black magic but that while I was watching the film I would have felt more a part of the story. The second reaction I had to the decoration was that it made me slightly unsettled. When I was looking at the patterns on the walls and the general layout of the school I found myself sometimes getting dizzy or at the very least uncomfortable. I believe that creating this feeling of uncomfortableness was probably one of the goals of whoever designed the set. In a way the school was made into something that I was wholly unfamiliar with and., as I have stated in previous posts, the unknown is what I believe people are truly afraid of.

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