Sunday, April 17, 2011

Black Christmas

For some strange reason, I enjoy slasher/serial killer movies. This makes no sense, because of all of horror cinema, the actions depicted in these movies are the most likely to actually happen in real life. I found Black Christmas, for example, to be extremely entertaining. I don't know if it was because of the hilarious hair-do's of the time in which the movie was made, or the ridiculous police officers, but Black Christmas really added the comedy to the suspense it provided. Like many slasher movies, we are not sure of the true identity of the killer until the end, and even then, we do not know who it truely is , or what his motives are. This significantly adds to the suspense and mystery behind the film. I think with a real explanation, the film would seem too contrived, and the audience wouldn't go away from it feeling as immersed in the film.

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  1. For the reasons you just mentioned, psychopath/serial killer movies are the most frightening (and therefore my least favorite) horror movies to watch. What I found to be interesting, though, is that we were unable to assign a deeper level meaning to the film. Most of the other films we've watched in class have presented a statement about society or culture, but this film did not have an overarching message or theme for us to take away. I think that most slasher films today are similar to Black Christmas in this aspect as they also offer no critique on our society. The value in these films, therefore, seems to be in the explicit death scenes and their ability to instill great fear/disgust in an audience.