Monday, April 11, 2011

Don't Look Now Ending (Spoiler)

Don't Look at this video if you haven't seen the whole film!!!

This Youtube video (Why thank you, Youtube!) does a good job of A) building great suspense, B) bringing the film together with the montage sequence, and C) scaring me.

I was just posting this video to see if anyone else got that same jaw-dropping, blood-cooling, goose-bump-- kid of feeling that I got when the hooded figure turned around. My jaw dropped and stayed drop and I felt sick. Admit it, you were freaked out too.


  1. Um yeah, what the hell?! I was so shocked and confused. The whole time John Baxter was following the figure in the red hoodie, I thought for sure it was his daughter trying to warn him of danger. I think that it still could be interpreted this way but I was so unprepared to see this haggish creature with a knife! Ahh!

    Anyway, that was not an analytical response so much as it was just my being dramatic about the sheer creepiness of that scene. I think that this creature is the embodiment of all of Baxter's doubts about the supernatural. He has not given the idea of psychics a chance and it comes back to haunt and ultimately kill him. I thought maybe the witch-like dwarf at the end could represent the spirit of Christine coming back for revenge out of anger about her death, but I have a hard time believing that she is an angry spirit. Plus, it wouldn't follow the movie's depiction of her as a sweet, innocent child.

    Therefore, I believe Baxter's murderer is just a symbolic representation of his death. Maybe he wasn't murdered by a literal monster but died of natural causes or from any other accident. The creature may just be a metaphorical interpretation of how seeing is believing. Once Baxter sees this person (if you can even call it that) he is immediately struck with fear and the realization that his wife and the psychic woman were right the whole time. The scene where Baxter sees is wife in funeral garb crossing the water is evidence of this statement. He was seeing premonitions of his own death, but wasn't able to realize it until it came upon him so abruptly.

  2. Yeah I was wondering if this hooded red woman is actually the same killer that has been murdering people throughout Venice. She overtakes him very quickly for such a small person- he is paralyzed by fear. Maybe that's how she killed the other people-- by just scaring them into staying still. I also wondered if she might have some kind of psychosis since her killing spree is random...

  3. Also I wanted to add that I've watched that part about 10 times and I get the craziest chill- it's almost indescribable.

  4. As soon as she turned around, I watched the whole scene through my fingers.