Saturday, April 2, 2011


Although I am generally terrified during even the most ridiculous horror films, I found Suspiria laughable because of the overly dramatic music during the suspenseful scenes. I did not even understand the concept of the witches as killers until much later in the film though did not find myself too curious either as I assumed some sort of monster or demon was responsible for the killings following the trend of films we’ve been viewing recently. The plot seemed to follow a similar format to a typical horror film, though the ending left me unsatisfied, thinking ‘that’s it?’ rather than really wondering what would become of the remaining characters.

It did not take long to jump right into the horror with the first gruesome murder scene happening just minutes into the film. However, the lack of plot leading up this made it less scary for me since I had no attachment to the victims yet. Overall, I found the bright colors and sets interesting though the plot was not very engaging for me.


  1. I have to say that I felt the same way while I was viewing Suspiria. There were multiple times in which I felt the music to be a bit excessive and it seemed to take away from the suspense of the film. Whenever the music began to speed up and become much louder you knew something was going to happen. There have actually been a few bands that have named themselves after the film and multiple albums have also used the name as well. I also agree with the fact that the ending seemed to end abruptly and I was convinced there was more to come until the credits started rolling.

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  3. I totally agree with the comments made on this film. I am a scaredy cat without a doubt but I found Suspiria to not be one of the scariest movies I've seen. The movie was very much like a mystery so it took some of the horror and scary aspects out of it for me because I was trying to fit the pieces of the mystery together. The movie was also very graphic. Too graphic in my opinion and made the film somewhat silly.

    The music playing in the background told me ahead of time what would be occurring. I knew when a scary scene was coming so I was able to close my eyes and be prepared without having to watch it. When I was told this movie was one of the scariest "ever", I expected to be screaming and jumping out of my seat. I was somewhat pleased to see this was not the case.

  4. I would also have to agree with the comments above. However, I think the biggest aspect of Suspiria that took away from the "horror" of the film is that fact that today we are very accustomed to high quality special effects and the next best thing. Today, this film seems ridiculous in nature but when you think about how the genre has developed, it is easy to see how it was considered quite scary at the time of its release.