Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Rise of a New Vampire

Thanks to Stephanie Meyers, and I do mean thanks, we have an entirely new genre of pop entertainment. She has created a modern day obsession with vampires and it has especially hit hard on America's underage girls. While Edward Cullen is certainly dreamy, it still stands that the entire vampire legend is completely altered by her work. She creates a world where vampires can live peacefully with humans (as long as it rains a lot) and even marry a particularly pale high school student. Since her books, the HBO series True Blood has become extremely popular, while television shows that do not include some type of vampire are doomed to be canceled after one season. I believe that the legend of the vampire should be remembered in light of all this. 80's movies like Fright Night and The Lost Boys are, to me, what we should think of with the term vampire. These movies, albeit somewhat corny, are a great genre of film and are being overshadowed by our culturally encompassing Edward v. Jacob debate. I would have liked to have watched Let the Right on In, I have read reviews that have labeled it the best vampire movie of all time. If anyone feels the same way I do, the book The Historian is a great novel about tracking down and killing an evil vampire. While we can sit here and debate about the merits of Stephanie Meyers' writing and the new wave of vampire obsession, I think we can all agree that Robert Pattinson is a terrible actor.

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  1. I will give Meyers credit where credit is due, she has given vampires a new level of fame. However, her vampires have taken away almost everything bad-ass about vampires. Animal's blood? Louis tried that. No fun. Claudia is more bad ass than every single vampire in Twilight combined. You also know it's bad when you are able to compliment Tom Cruise. (If you don't know what movie/book I'm talking about, Son, I am DISAPPOINT).True Blood is by far a better series than anything Twilight could ever produce. It has pushed vampires into the mainstream while retaining what makes vampires awesome. Sex, Blood, and swamp music. You want "vegetarian", abstinent vampires? Be my guest. I'll stick with Eric and Pam.