Saturday, April 16, 2011

Black Christmas:

I have to admit that I was expecting for the women in Black Christmas to be shown in an even worse light than perhaps they were. Not sure why, but when I saw that the movie was going to take place in a sorority house I expected for the girls to be shown running around in their underwear, having pillow fights, and having sex with their boyfriends. Instead the girls kept their close on, yes they drank a lot but I almost felt that was a statement about the time. I saw the movie as showing what they believed college life was like at the time. The students were shown as drinking heavily and there is no mention of going to class or taking exams (even though it was close to the holiday). I was even impressed with the posters that were shown in the girl’s room. The posters had nudity and I found this extremely funny because most people would see that as “un-lady like”.

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