Sunday, April 3, 2011

My problems with horror...

After watching all of the horror movies in this portion if the semester, I have realized one thing about myself. It’s not all aspects of horror that I dislike,

I don’t mind being disgusted, seeing people in pain does not bother me that much either. I hate to being startled, therefore, my least favorite parts of horror films is the suspense that is built before something bad happens.

Horror filmmakers use certain techniques to build suspense and therefore create an extra scary aspect, aside from the actually scary thing that is about to happen. Music is often the most popular technique used to elicit fear in viewers. Additionally, difference in shot as well as lighting can be used to show that something bad is going to happen.

I appreciate all of the creative methods used to produce suspense, but I definitely do not appreciate the suspense itself. I always end up closing my eyes as the suspense builds, at uncovering them as the actually “scary” event happens.

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  1. I'm glad you brought up music because that is something I was thinking about in relation to horror movies. I think music is an integral part of the scare tactic. Seriously - watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre on won't be scared. We discussed this in another class of mine, and it's a pretty interesting concept. The music is often what builds the tension in a scene, not the scene itself. Similar to this, the lack of sound or music can build tension as long as there had been music previously in the scene. Once it goes quiet, the audience waits on the edge of its seat for the next big sound and event in the movie. I just find it interesting that music and sound can have such influence on the effect of horror movies.