Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mmmm Brains...

If you couldn’t tell by the large, green Nerf gun I carried around last week, I love zombies. I can’t even remember where the love comes from. I am somewhat obsessed with zombies. The first R-rated film I saw in theaters was Shaun of the Dead. Resident Evil is one of my favorite franchises, I eve enjoy the films. I’ve watched a documentary on zombies in culture. Yes I have devoted many hours to the undead.

I’ve been planning for the zombie apocalypse for ear and have routes planned for all of my locations. I know what weapons to use, according to Mel Brooks’ son it’s a machete. When hell’s gates are open and mass populations are turned into flesh eaters I am doing two things. First I will be looting a gun store; hopefully I’ll find the S & W 500. Second, I’m finding Woody Harrelson. Me and Tallahassee will survive.

Despite the awesome amounts of gore and flesh eating zombies can have a deep meaning. The film we are currently watching in class, Night of the Living, is to zombie films what Dracula is to vampire films. It is the basis for all others and a true classic.

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