Friday, April 1, 2011

Inferno Trailer (keep volume low)

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  1. I found this trailer and I posted it because a) I'm a Youtube addict and enjoy posting videos and b) I thought a lot of the trailer included information that we touched upon in class on Thursday. We see all the Argento names included in the trailer- Salvatore, Dario, and a woman who's name I forget. So in these Italian horror films- it's all in the family. We again get to hear more about the story of the Three Witches that this rather extended trailer talks about them. In class Dr. Miller also mentioned that Argento likes included animal attacks in his films- and the trailer shows a cluster of cats attacking a lady. I also found the soundtrack to the trailer to be oddly creepy but fun to listen to. We again see a large house with unique architecture that is the meeting place of the witches. I also noticed that in all Argento film clips and trailers I've seen show the murderer only through his/her arm, often with a black leather glove holding the murder weapon- a knife, a razor blade, etc. I feel like I've seen this murderer-arm motif used in a lot of films but I cannot recount from where. To what extent has Argento's murderer influenced other murder scenes in film?