Saturday, April 2, 2011


I think the most interesting thing about Suspiria is that the witches who run the ballet school are essentially breeding their victims. It isn't like any other story where a serial killer or killers choose their victims at random. According to the witch expert with whom Suzy Bannion speaks, witches must kill in order to live. Their reasons for killing aren't crimes of passion or based on revenge. This is why I believe it is so important that they keep their victims all in one place so they can have control of them from the time they join the ballet company until they are killed. That way, the witches can cover up these crimes without having their tracks traced.

Additionally, the witches get to know their victims which makes the entire concept all the more creepy. The women who run the ballet school are in contact with their dancers on a daily basis and yet are still willing to kill them. I think a part of this has to do with the fact that it is a high-strung ballet school where girls aren't just going to leave if something slightly strange happens. They've worked hard to be in this prestigious academy and in such a competitive field as ballet, leaving just isn't an option. The ballet school is undoubtedly a trap through which the witches can pick and choose their victims.

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  1. The concept that witches need to kill to survive is kind of related to vampires, as vampires need to suck the blood out of their victim. Killing their victims may ensure themselves a soul to sacrifice or to use in a ritual when they gather. I find it interesting that they are all women, just like the old, stereotypical days when women were accused of being witches. Of course, if I were in Suzy's position, I would be thoroughly creeped out by the headmaster/teacher character just because of the way she distinguishes herself. The witches may have set up a ballet school in order to attract women, who they want to kill because they are not yet famous yet and don't have any family around the school. Helena's nickname is the Black Queen which makes me think that she could be related to Satan. Often times, the red paint and the windows show a very eerie red lights that create an omen for being evil. Everything about the school just seems to be evil, especially the wine which looks like blood (it may even be blood!).