Friday, January 28, 2011

Aside from the beautiful effects and all around story of Pan's Labyrinth, I'm very interested on the theme of the daughter-father relationship. As of now, Ofelia has three fathers in the movie. Her first father, the the magical, mythical king is Ofelia's true father. This is according to the fairy tale we were told in the intro then confirmed by the faun. Ofelia's biological father was a common man who took care of her and loved her up until his death. Wait a minute... What's that one story where a powerful and divine entity who inhabits a mystical plain sends his child to Earth to be raised by a common man so the child can ultimately save the world and bring about peace? This brings me to wonder if Ofelia will take on some sort of role as a savior. I've digressed from my main topic. Ofelia's stepfather is a fascist general who orders others around and even hurts Ofelia on they're first encounter. Ofelia of course has no desire to call this man father. As I said I'm curious as to how these three men will affect their daughter by the end of the story, or if they even will. It was something I just noticed.

On another note, from what I've seen so far I love this movie but its name is not Pan's Labyrinth, but El Laberinto del Faun (The Faun's Labyrinth). Pan is a Greek god who resembles fauns or satyrs. I may be on a soapbox right now, but an artist's work must be respected. I've heard too many stories being changed because of a translation or a mistranslation. I understand that Pan has a better ring than faun but Guillermo Del Toro has stated that the faun in the story is not the mythical Pan. My point is to respect movies and literature in different languages. I would hate to find out that one of the dubbed/subtitled movies that we've seen is not what the creator intended. If that were the case I would feel cheated.

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  1. I noticed the confusion of father figures in this movie as well, but this struck me as Ofelia's issues with family in general. She is told she must call The Captain "father" by her mother, but greatly dislikes this, even vehemently contradicting this relationship to Mercedes. Ofelia's mother is no longer being the woman she once was either. She is concerned only with impressing the Captain and keeping Ofelia in line with the expectations of the house. Also, with her mother being "sick with a baby" Ofelia is left with only her imagination to get her through the day. I believe being a princess and finding out she has another father who is desperately searching for her makes Ofelia's own life much more tolerable. By believing in this fairy tale, Ofelia has the chance to escape the war, her new family life and the pain of an already deceased father.