Monday, January 17, 2011

Brendan Cappiello

My name is Brendan Cappiello and I am a senior Economics major from Charlotte, NC. I have spent my entire adult life in NC and wouldn't have it any other way. I love the Chapel Hill area, it is one of the few places I have been that seems to bustle during the days but is able to slow down and have a small town feel. Even though I grew up in NC I somehow managed to learn the English language without a southern twang. I have a very dry sense of humor, so if you hear me make an odd comment, just assume I made a bad joke. I am currently applying for Law School, which can be extremely stressful at times. Having no clue where you will be living in 6 months time makes me a bit nervous, but looking back I am sure that's how I felt senior year of high school. I am sure I will look back on my four years at Chapel Hill with nostalgia, I have no complaints of my time here. I am looking forward to my last semester, and I am sure Film and Culture will be an entertaining class.

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