Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bio- Jessica Barker

My name is Jessica Barker and I'm a sophomore exercise sports science major at UNC. I'm 20 years old from a small town that you've probably never heard of called Bunn, NC. I live off-campus with two other roommates and a cat. I'm the publicist for BoUNCe Magazine (UNC's Only Satirical Magazine)- which I have to constantly add the subtitle when I mention it, since we put it on our snazzy t-shirts now. I'm a lifeguard for the aquatic center here in Chapel Hill, where I watch old people do laps in 4 foot water, while yelling at little kids to stop running. I promise I'm German, though I lack the accent. I'm really sick of this cold weather, so I'm ready for the springtime. Oh, and I want to study abroad at some point.

I've almost been arrested for giving money to a homeless man, broken every bone in my left hand, and have a great uncle named Bob Barker.( just kidding - Only one of those statements is actually true, .) I really look forward to taking this class because I've had Al before and he's an awesome professor, and hopefully I can make some great friends along the way. I hate to say it but I'm pretty average for the most part, though I try not to come off as too boring. I love music, sports, being around my friends, eating, sleeping, and most of all- laughing!

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