Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christopher Thomas

My name is Chris Thomas, I'm a senior Econ major from Lawrenceville, NJ who is graduating in May. I had wanted to attend UNC since I was 3 years old despite having no ties to the university at all; and while I'm looking forward to my bittersweet last few months in Chapel Hill, I'm in no way looking forward to leaving. I am very lucky however and landed a job in the financial industry which I am looking forward to jumping into after some post graduation celebrations.

I am a huge movie fan except for horror, slasher, creepy, scary, and any other type of estranged movies. I actually typically refuse to watch them...I prefer to laugh far more than be terrorized. Regardless, I am going to deal with my fear and hopefully learn to enjoy these very popular types of movies. I look forward to the class and and whatever surprises it may have in store.


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