Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bio: Emily Strickman

Hi, I'm Emily Strickman and I'm a freshman from right outside of Washington D.C. in Maryland. As of right now, I'm undecided on my major. At home, I work at a cupcake store, but I don't like cake. I guess it's a pretty good situation because I'm not tempted to eat there, so I don't have to go to the gym for a really long time to work off all those cupcakes. I also worked at a bakery that made the Pope's birthday cake when he came to Washington a few years ago, which I think is pretty cool. I (unfortunately) am a huge Redskins fan, and I (also unfortunately) love the Washington Nationals.

I'm really looking forward to this class even though I usually don't do too well with horror movies. The first time I saw Scary Movie 3, I couldn't sleep for a week. Pathetic, I know. Hopefully, this class will help me to appreciate horror and science fiction film more!

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