Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spirited Away

Visually, I loved Spirited Away. I have never really watched much anime, but I was pleasantly surprised at both the animation and the story itself. I felt about the movie in the same way that I used to feel about my favorite Disney movies as a child; I loved the weird but interesting characters and I loved the great score. The movie also brought thoughts of Lewis Carroll's "Alice and Wonderland," because the viewer is definitely transported to another world.

There are several messages in "Spirited Away." First, Chihiro must learn to cope in a fantasy world without the supervision of her parents, who certainly do not prove to be positive role models. Chihiro must also live with very few friends, and a villainous boss that does not really want her to work at the bath house. She exemplifies a character that is coming of age even in the face of tremendous odds.

Another important message in "Spirited Away" is learning how to find the best in everyone, regardless of how initially scary or unfriendly they might be. Initially, Lin is cold toward Chihiro, as is Kamaji the boiler man. They do warm to Chihiro, however, and her undying optimism and determination is the big reason why.

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