Monday, January 17, 2011

Bio Lauren Kretz

My name is Lauren Kretz and I am a senior Exercise and Sport Science major with a Hispanic Studies minor. I was born in raised in Durham, North Carolina and am 21 years old. Last year I studied abroad in Mexico, where I met my current boyfriend. Since meeting him, I have become fluent in Spanish, and have returned to his city multiple times to visit. Studying abroad was a great escape from the triangle area, and has really opened my eyes to life in cultures outside of the US. Aside from the great food and coffee, one of my favorite parts of Mexican culture is the siesta! Schools, offices, and most jobs take off from 2 until 4 PM to return to their houses to eat a huge meal and then take a nap afterwards. It is the life! After I graduate this spring, I plan to return to Xalapa to live with him for a year, and then we will both come to the states so I can attend Physical Therapy graduate school.

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