Friday, January 14, 2011

Kaitlin Pendley

Well hello! My name is Kaitlin Pendley and I'm a senior from Charlotte, NC majoring in Ancient/Medieval History and minoring in German. I'm still unsure of what I'll be doing when I graduate, as I'm in the process of grad school applications over the next few weeks. My impressive resume consists of working at McAlisters and being a lifeguard and pool manager. I'm the youngest of 3 children and I had no desire to come to UNC, trying to avoid my brother's footsteps. That being said, it has taken me years to fall in love with this place, and now I am not ready to leave my life here.
I love traveling, although I live for the most part vicariously through Rick Steves' specials. In the future, I would love to go to the places I've studied (and written papers about). I enjoy girly things like Disney princesses, Dooney purses, and Vera Bradley, but that doesn't mean I don't have an adventurous side. ;) I thoroughly enjoy roller coasters and TV on DVD.
I apologize for the randomness of my biography; the decorations in my room are what I go by to describe myself. I'm really looking forward to learning about different films and enjoying this class. Although my favorite movie genre is historical and period romances, I can't wait to watch Blade Runner!

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