Thursday, January 20, 2011

Film Analysis

To discuss the films we have been watching in class, I want to address the Lost Highway. During the movie, I was lost myself as I was continually searching for a logical explanation for some of the bazaar events. I think that was one of David Lynch's points, although I have never seen any other movies by him. The most logical explanation I found was that the movie depicts a parallel reality where the characters are living out a different version of their life. This could have stemmed from the crossroads that exist when one makes a decision. At one point, Renee says when she met Andy he told her about a job offer. The first part of the movie, where she is married to Fred, could have been the life she would have lived if she did not take the job. The other dimension, when she returns as Alice, could have been the alternate scenario when she took the job. This seemed to make sense until the end of the movie when the characters' lives seemed to merge. I think Lynch definitely made a statement about the intertwining personalities of people, and how it affects their actions. Lynch portrays the dichotomy in our society where people struggle with expressing their primal desires versus what society expects of them.

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  1. Watching Lynch’s thriller, Lost Highway, I too was confused, I had to read the summaries online after viewing it and try to piece the puzzle together from there. I agree that the idea of a parallel reality makes the most sense as the film plays out and aspects of a character’s life, for instance, can be seen in the life of another’s. Another interesting circle in the story lies at the beginning and end of the film when you hear, at the beginning, “Dick Laurent is dead” and Fred turns on the intercom, again at the film’s end, Fred utters the same words and you hear an intercom come on.