Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baxter Miller

My name is Baxter Miller and I'm a senior Advertising major from good ol' Eastern North Carolina - New Bern to be exact. I grew up in a house divided (mom went to UNC, dad went to Duke) and until college, I was never allowed to even think about muttering a positive sentimentabout the Heels. So I grew up a Duke fan because there was no other option according to my dad, although I wouldn't trade that for anything in world, even today. Now I sit silently at Duke/UNC games, not knowing who to cheer for. I love UNC now, of course, (except Matt Doherty, Ed Cota and Antwan Jamison) and as I've begun to see the University of New Jersey in Durham for what it really is, my love for Duke has grown less passionate (except for Coach K and Shane Battier, obviously). Hate me if you must, I understand.

I haven't secured a job yet, but my goal is to work on the creative side of the advertising industry. I worked for a firm in New York this summer and, duh, I had a blast so I'd love to go back there next year, but I'm open to absolutely anywhere. My first priority right now, however, is to take a month (at least) to road trip and photograph the US with my best friend immediately following graduation.

I don't watch a lot of movies because I have an attention span comparable to a 9-year-old (ask my doctor or anyone that knows me if you don't believe me) and absolutely detest Chick Flicks and Rom Coms that all my roommates adore (unless I'm really hungover and can't bare to use my brain, in which case I would probably rather watch Madagascar anyway). I tend to spend my free time downloading and listening to music and going to a lot shows but if I do watch movies, it's usually a Christopher Nolan film (over and over again) or something really cerebral (Will Ferrell counts as cerebral, right?). Memento is my favorite and still blows my mind every time I see it. SO, in summary, I'm REALLY excited to take this class because I'll be forced to watch movies that I never would've chosen for myself and I'm excited to see cinema from a completely different perspective.

Also, I love puppies. But who doesn't?

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