Monday, January 17, 2011

Sara Beamish

Hi, my name is Sara Beamish and I am a senior anxiously awaiting graduation in May. I am doubling in Advertising and Political Science, with the hopes of working in an agency before returning to graduate school. My hometown is Fuquay-Varina, a small little "metropolis" about an hour away, which is comprised of 3 Walmarts within 7 miles.

I have lived in North Carolina for my entire life and have big plans for moving elsewhere for a while to experience something different. After graduation I'm planning a trip to Greece before the real world begins.

I have taken one other film course at UNC - Horror in film and literature. It was a great class and hopefully similar to Film and Culture. I'm excited about this course because horror is one of my favorite genres.

In my spare time I paint, run and dance with a group here at UNC (Blank Canvas). I'm obsessed with Blues Rock music and I love Mexican food.

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